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Ulnar Nerve Compression in the Elbow

The ulnar nerve, which is one of the important nerves of our hand, can be compressed in the bony canal on the inner side of the elbow. Previously, the complaints were numbness and tingling in the little finger and ring finger facing the little finger. 

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Over time, the hand muscles begin to melt, their hand skills decrease and there is a loss of strength.

In the early period, treatment is provided by splint applications, supporting the elbow with bandages, and correcting the desk working position.

Muscle wasting in an advanced case

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In cases where conservative treatment fails, surgical treatment is required, the pinched nerve in the elbow area is released and transferred to the front of the elbow. It is placed where it is placed with a hanger made of tissues.

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Release the pinched nerve


Placement of the nerve in front of the elbow

pinched nerve in elbow

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