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GANGLION (cystic hygroma)

Ganglions are cystic structures filled with gel-like fluid. They are usually seen around the wrist. In addition, they can be seen in many parts of the body, adjacent to joints and tendons. 


Of the ganglia seen around the wrist, the dorsal ganglia (seen on the back of the wrist) originate from the wrist joint. They can be thought of as a kind of joint hernia.


Small ganglia may disappear on their own in the early period. Because of these features, methods such as healing by tying money on it were applied by the people. Large ganglia usually require surgical treatment.


Ganglions are usually painless and do not show malignant changes.



Volar ganglion usually arise from the sheaths of tendons around the wrist joint. After surgical removal of these ganglia, the probability of recurrence is higher than the dorsal ganglia .



Dorsal ganglion

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